Simplifying Data for Shifting The Policy Making Process

Often than usual, politicians are using difficult vocabulary to justify their arguments. How if we could simplify it with simple data?



7/20/20211 min read

Katie Porter, the US Democratic Representative is famous for her "Whiteboard of Justice". This video shows when he grilled the AbbVie CEO for the budgeting. Another time, she asked & shows the calculation of the Covid19 testing fee on the whiteboard. It was considered momentous as afterwards, it decided that it's all free testing for US citizens. The visualization in the whiteboard is the simplifier.

Today I just write on personal Instagram on how we could learn to prioritize our activities by giving the "price tag". Dave Crenshaw uses the Most Valuable Activities audit as the strategy to know which activity that valuable to us. Crenshaw asked us to list all of our activities (daily or in the work setting) and put how many you have to pay or the wage/hour if you ask another person to do it. Then, you could rank from the most expensive to the cheapest. The rank is the simplifier. You could easily see which activity is valuable.

We live with so many data points. Some are raw, unprocessed and it makes us difficult to decide anything from them. Whether in a political setting or in our daily life, the skills & ability are important to present the data in the truest form. In that way, it could show the empirical base to answer the real question and solve the important problem. And not swayed by fancy words, unnecessary debates or polarizing attempts.